When we eventually emerge from lockdown, there will be many puppies who haven’t had the chance to socialise with other puppies, older dogs, and other people outside of their own household. There will also be many older puppies who only had a small amount of socialisation before the shutdown. And many, many adult dogs who haven’t been around other dogs and people for quite some time.

This is why our in-person group sessions could be invaluable - book now to secure your place post-lockdown!

To book onto any of these courses simply click on a link to the right and follow the checkout instructions.

As a result of Coronavirus/Covid-19, and the eventual gradual easing of lockdown, an even bigger emphasis will be placed upon safe, controlled and well monitored socialisation during the classes for the next few months. Group sessions will be smaller than they usually would, with gaps between each session every evening. Full guidelines to ensure the sessions are Covid-secure will be sent out prior to your course starting.

While well monitored and structured, the sessions will have an informal atmosphere, with plenty of positive reinforcement/association strategies and techniques. Everything will be taken at each individual puppy or dog’s pace. Owners will also be encouraged to ask any advice about issues that might have arisen during or after the lockdown, such as Separation Anxiety.

Socialising a dog with other dogs is more subtle than is often thought - it's a matter of dogs being around other dogs, but in a controlled and relaxed manner, checking each other out and learning to read the body language of other dogs. Also, the socialisation of dogs does not only mean getting dogs used to other dogs, in fact socialisation means getting your dog used to many situations in life - other dogs, other people, other animals, bikes, joggers, traffic, noise, and the general hustle and bustle of "normal" (whatever that is right now!) every day life.