Venue: St Edmund Campion Church Hall,
Castle Lane West (in front of Castlepoint), Bournemouth, BH8 9TN.
This is a fully air-conditioned/heated church hall, so even when the weather is at its hottest or coldest, it's a very comfortable environment for the dogs (and us humans!) to train within.

Class sizes are limited, and tend to book up quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Please see below for brief descriptions of each of the courses, or alternatively, go to each course's relevant page to read a fuller description. They are all very well structured courses, devised and written by Katie, who has used her years of experience of running training classes to give both dogs and owners a very rewarding training experience. During the first week, everyone attending a course will be given a training manual (there's a different one for each course), which is written by Katie and will fully complement and support all training given during the course. Beware - the training manuals also include homework!

After reading the course descriptions, if you're unsure about which course to book onto, please take a look at the Which Course is the Right Course? page where you will find a handy table to help with your decision.

Puppy Course - Course Length: 4 weeks - Course Fee: £32
At Kadarow, we pride ourselves in being able to help give puppies the best start in life. Our comprehensive Puppy Course is especially tailored for young pups from around 11/12 weeks up to around 24 weeks of age.
It's a well structured 4 week foundation course during which all the puppy basics are covered, including basic commands (sit, down, stand, come, leave, wait, stay, etc), puppy health and well-being, safe and controlled socialisation with other puppies, handling and inspection, road-walking, puppy retrieve, and plenty of fun games through which you and your puppy will learn even more. We ask that all puppies have had their second lot of jabs before attending classes (usually around 11 or 12 weeks of age).
We only use positive, reward-based training, as it is crucial that the puppies enjoy their training. We help to teach the basic positions (sit, down and stand) as well as how to train your puppy to walk nicely on lead, along with other basic commands, such as the recall, wait, stay and leave, but a far greater emphasis is placed upon socialisation. We feel it is crucial that a dog is properly socialised from a very young age, as this, along with the teaching of the basic commands, helps to ensure that the dog grows up to be happy and well-adjusted.

Beginner Course - Course Length: 4 weeks - Course Fee: £32
The Beginner Course is for all dogs over six months of age, who have little or no understanding of the basic commands and/or dog training exercises. Any dog under 24 weeks would be better suited to the Puppy Course. Any puppy that has completed the Puppy Course should then move onto the Novice Course.
The Beginner Course teaches all the basics of obedience training, as well as many vital socialisation aspects and responsible dog ownership. It's a well structured 4 week foundation course and the modules include: basic positions, walking on lead (including road walking), come back when called, handling and inspection, basic first aid for dogs, door/gate control, food manners, the retrieve, the stay, coming away from distraction, and much more, including some fun and games to keep the dogs excited and interested in their training.
Once the dogs have been taught the three basic positions, SIT, DOWN and STAND, these invaluable skills can be used when grooming, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, veterinary visits etc.

Novice/Intermediate Course - Course Length: 6 weeks - Course Fee: £48
The Novice Course is for all dogs who have completed either the Puppy Course or the Beginner Course. We also welcome new dogs into this class, if they have grasped the very basics and have received some prior training. The Novice Course is the next stage on from both the Puppy and Beginner Courses, so a mix of ages feeds into this class, which can be a very good thing for the development of all puppies and dogs, as mixing with many different dogs from different age groups is great for socialisation.
As all dogs attending the Novice Course will have a solid understanding of the basics, we will move onto slightly more complex exercises right at the start of the course - further developing and cementing the skills learnt in the other courses. Here’s some examples of the type of exercises that will be in the course: Learning to ignore distractions, Learning the "Wait", "Hold" and "Release", the Recall (including the “wait”), the "Send Away" and many other slightly more challenging exercises.
Dogs are also welcome to repeat this course, before moving onto the Advanced Skills level - obviouly more will be expected of you and your dog if you repeat, and Katie will give you extension exercises at Intermediate level.
Intermediate level exercises include: Positions across the hall, The “A” Recall and the Emergency Stop (with your dog going away from you).

Advanced Skills Courses - Each Course Length: 4 weeks - Course Fee: £32, or book all three courses together for £84
Advanced Obedience Skills - Further developing the partnership between you and your dog
Advanced Heelwork Skills - Further developing the fitness and attentiveness of your dog
Advanced Problem Solving Skills - Further delevoping the brain training of your dog
The Advanced Skills Courses are designed to get the very best out of your relationship between you and your dog, with a huge emphasis on enrichment and enjoyment.
Further on from the Intermediate Course are the Advanced Skills Courses. These courses really step things up a level and a lot more will be expected of both you and your dog. A lot of the exercises in these courses will be done with the dogs off lead, so it will be expected that your dog will be very attentive towards you and that he/she has a very sound recall.

Indoor Fun Agility Course - Course Length: 5 weeks - Course Fee: £45
The Indoor Fun Agility Course runs over a five week period and is run by Jenny Keehan. Jenny has vast experience with both competing in Agility and teaching the discipline. Katie will also often be on hand to assist. This is an indoor course, using low indoor equipment, and the emphasis is on teaching the very basics of the Agility discipline and having fun with it. The course will begin with the very basics, such as the teaching of the "Wait and Release" commands, teaching your dog left and right, walking on both your left and right sides, getting your dog to move away from you and getting them to confidently go through a tunnel. The course will move on to introduce and teach all of the indoor equipment, including: the tunnel, weave poles, the hoop and the low gate jump.

To book a place on any of the courses, please either follow the links on the right-hand side of each courses' page, or go to the How to Book page.

Alternatively, you can email any enquiries to Katie:
Or phone/text Katie on: 07714 510815