Novice/Intermediate Course

The Novice Course is for all dogs who have completed either the Puppy Course or the Beginner Course. We also welcome new dogs into this class, if they have grasped the very basics and have received some prior training.
Dogs are also welcome to repeat this course, before moving onto the Advanced Skills level - obviously more will be expected of you and your dog if you repeat, and Katie will give you extension exercises at Intermediate level.

Katie runs the classes in a relaxed and friendly manner - it's crucial that dogs and owners alike enjoy the training and are made to feel relaxed and comfortable. All of the training methods used are positive and reward based.

The Novice Course is the next stage on from both the Puppy and Beginner Courses, so a mix of ages feeds into this class, which can be a very good thing for the development of all puppies and dogs, as mixing with many different dogs from different age groups is great for socialisation.

What sort of exercises will be taught during the Novice Course?
As all dogs attending the Novice Course will have a solid understanding of the basics, we will move onto slightly more complex exercises right at the start of the course - further developing and cementing the skills learnt in the other courses. Here’s some examples of the type of exercises that will be in the course:

The Basic Positions, without the need of a "treat lure" (both with voice command only and hand signal only)
Learning to ignore distractions
Learning the "Wait", "Hold" and "Release" - building up to using this for the "Emergency Stop".
Recall (including the “wait”)
Closer heelwork (on and off lead and at different paces)
Calling away from distraction
The “Leave” (up close and progressing to slight distance)
The “Stay” (for at least one minute)
Door Control (learning not to barge/bolt out through doors)
Controlled walking amongst other people and dogs
Greeting humans (without jumping up!)
The "Send-Away" (starting with going round chairs)

There will be several other exercises included within the course; the above are just a few examples. Katie has written an extensive training manual, which fully complements and supports the course and is included in the course fee - these are handed out during week one of the course.

The Novice Course is for dogs of a sound temperament. Dogs who show an adverse reaction to being in close contact with other dogs would probably be better having a one-to-one session, in the first instance.

Class sizes are limited, and tend to book up quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Novice Course Info:

Course Duration:
6 weeks.
Course Venue:
St Edmund Campion Church Hall, Castlepoint, Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, BH8 9TN
Course Fee:
Included in Fee:
6 well structured classes.
Full support paperwork (including a specially written training manual).
Homework each week.
First aid for dogs info.
Certificate at the end of the course.
Training Methods Used:
We only use positive, reward-based training here at Kadarow. It is crucial that the dogs feel happy, confident and enjoy their training.
To begin with we encourage the use of "high value" treats, but then also encourage the practice of "random-rewarding" of the treats later on in the course (more will be explained about this during the course).
Toys are also used during some exercises and you will be told when to bring your dog's favourite toy along.
The most important training aid is you, and your body language and voice; praise is crucial.
How Old Should the Dogs Be?
The Novice Course is for all dogs with a fairly solid understanding of the basics. Dogs who have completed either our Puppy or Beginner Course are then welcome to book onto the Novice Course and we also welcome new dogs (over six months of age) who go straight in at Novice, if they have received some prior training.
Class Size:
Course Availabilty:
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How to Book:
Either click on the relevant Novice Course link on this page and follow the checkout instructions, or go to the How To Book page for more detailed instructions (it's advisable to read this page first, especially regarding the different payment instructions).